learnT Opening day: November 2016 (In Danish)

Brochure: Welcome to learnT DTU.

The LearnT center is an independent, university based, research unit. The co-workers are a mix of internationally renowned scientists and young talents from different scientific communities around DTU Compute and DTU. The research center educates tomorrow’s scientists and engineers in the field of learning technology and the education and training of MSc and Ph.D. students are important parts of the activities.

What is Digital Learning Technology?

Learning Technology is a research and innovation field engaged in developing and implement ing various - often digital - technologies to promote deeper, more flexible, more personalized and more efficient learning. One example is adaptive systems where the difficulty of a problem is tailored to the individual student and another one is 3D printing of mathematical forms. Interactive whiteboards and iPads in the classroom are other examples. A significant part of the discipline, is the handling and the use of the large amounts of data generated by students who work with digital learning technologies and of using it to gather evidence and do research based on these. Here, the word learning is used about all forms of learning and the concept also includes training.

Who we are:

Helle Rootzen is professor in learning technology and digitalization at DTU Compute and director of Center for Digital Learning Technology. Her research in and development of new learning technologies has changed the way mathematics are taught at DTU and at other universities. She has had a long engagement in digitalization of industry, in education/learning, and in exponential technology and she is alumnus from Singularity University. She has a statistical background and an extensive experience in working as a statistician with industry and with researchers from many different fields of sciences and engineering. From 2010-15 she was Head of Department at DTU Compute. In this period she led a value-adding merger between DTU Informatics and DTU Mathematics into the new DTU Compute with almost 400 employees. She has overseen the successful move of parts of the department into a new, modern building, which has set new standards for innovative learning environments and office spaces. During her time as director DTU Compute has multiplied the number of external research grants, has made substantial contributions to innovation, and has impacted the political scene. She has been leader for many research- and teaching projects and was elected as teacher of the year at DTU in 2000.

Karsten Schmidt is education coordinator at DTU Compute. He has since 2001 taught the introductory DTU mathematics course Mathematics 1 for undergraduate students. In 2007 he took over the coordination of the course, and has since been the project manager for the ongoing development projects, which have made the course known for its use of e-learning and blended learning. Karsten is educated in Danish literature and mathematics from the Copenhagen University, and started his career in teaching and research in Danish literature at university level. Before he was employed at DTU, he coordinated study programs in Danish language and mathematics for refugees to be prepared for university studies. Karsten lectures and does research in mathematics-didactic topics regarding use of e-learning and IT. He is appointed Danish national representative of ICMI, the International Commission for Mathematics Education.

Charlotte Lærke Weitze is assistant professor in technology and learning design at DTU compute. She took her MSc in digital design at the IT-University, Copenhagen in 2011. She was awarded the PhD Degree at the Department of Learning and Philosophy and ILD Lab: IT and Learning Design at Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark in 2016. In her PhD-project she investigated: Innovative Pedagogical Processes Involving Educational Technology: Creating Motivating Learning Through Game Design and Teacher Competence Development in a Hybrid Synchronous Video-Mediated Learning Environment. Charlotte has been developing and teaching courses concerning the innovative use of learning technology at MIL – Master in IKT and Learning at IT-vest – networking Universities; She has also been teaching at ILOO – master in IT, Learning and Organizational Change at Aalborg University (2013-2017). Since 2009 she has been researching on how students and teachers can develop motivating learning games within specific subject matters, while at the same time developing their computational thinking skills. In order to create efficient and motivating learning processes involving technology another focus has been the development and measurement of student and teacher motivation and engagement in learning situations. Charlotte is furthermore educated pianist and has been teaching piano for 15 years.



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