Knowmio is the provider of - a game-based assessment platform for K12. provide teachers with insight into each students learning by providing learning-connected data in action-oriented visualizations.  Learning-connected data allows teachers to collaborate in new ways to challenge students each at their own level.

Knowmio is working with LearnT to understand how games, big data, and AI can be used in K12 to improve motivation for learning and provide teachers with deep insights into how they improve learning outcomes.

Edulab Aps
EduLab ApS was founded in 2006 and is with its product Denmark's largest provider of digital mathematics for primary schools. We see ourselves as professional nerds, where we insist on supplying our professional skills and creativity in everything we do.

We participate in DABAI, because in that way we can work with and be inspired by the world of research. Specifically we see in DABAI on the use of our large amounts of data and relate it to our adaptive systems. The goal is to optimize the learning experience and efficiency, thereby making the world's children better at math.


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